• NPK Ghol - SAF-BIN Good Agricultural Practice

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  • 01/04/2016

Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium Solution (NPK Ghol) is used to increase soil fertility and balance nutrient deficiency.

Take 1kg linseed cake, 1kg sesame cake, 250g dry egg shells, 2kg cow dung, 250g ash, 1kg mustard cake and mix properly with 25l water. Cover with a cotton cloth and keep in the shade for 4 days. The solution needs to stirred 2 times/day (morning and evening hours) in clock wise direction to allow the ingredients to mix evenly.

It is advisable to apply 5l NPK Ghol/125l water and spray every 15 - 20 days intervals for best results.

The documentation of this practice was assisted by Badri Prasad Singhraur of Akaha village in Satna district (Madhya Pradesh, India)