• Hara Khad (Green Manure) - SAF-BIN Good Agricultural Practice

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  • 01/04/2016

Micro and macro nutrients are essential for optimum plants growth. Plants receive these nutrients from soil during their primary growth stages. Green manure is found to be helpful in providing these nutrients to the plants.

Method of preparation

  • A mixture of above mentioned seeds are sown in the field soon after harvesting the previous crop and allow the green manure crops to grow upto the knee height.
  • The crop grown upto the knee height should be incorporated in the soil by deep ploughing. It should be ensured that the entire crop should be mixed well and buried properly under the sub-soil. The field should be irrigated at least once soon after the ploughing to facilitate better decomposition.
  • Generally a deep ploughing with disc plough is recommended. In case of desi plough 2-3 ploughings at an interval of 2-3 days should be done.
  • This practice helps in improving the fertility of the soil by increasing the micro nutrients and organic content in the soil. The main crop could be sown 30 days after incorporating the green manure crop into the soil.