• Appraisal Report of Food production Distribution and Consumption System of Small Holder Farmers of Rajshahi, Natore and Naogaon districts of Bangladesh

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  • 24/08/2014

This publication is a documentation of the primary and secondary appraisals of Food Production Distribution and Consumption System [FPDCS) of Small Holders Farmer (SHF) of 30 villages under three districts (Rajshahi, Natore and Naogaon) of Bangladesh context to climate change.

The main objectives of these appraisals were:

  • To analyze the situation of resource base in these villages (natural, physical, social, human and financial) in general and in the context of food security of SHF in particular in climate change perspective.
  • To identify food security situation particularly the status of production and access and the state of affairs with respect to food insecurity and food handling and management.
  • To identify agriculture situation in these agro-ecosystems in terms of cropping patterns, food-crops and varieties, production, inputs, farming practices, use of energy.
  • To document livestock resources, inputs and production,
  • To analyze vulnerability contexts particularly in the context of climate change to food security in general and for small farmers in particular. While doing so, it also attempts to disaggregate implications on gender and equity wherever possible.
  • To identify adaptation potential in these agro ecosystems, in terms of resource base, as well as traditional knowledge and innovations around resource management.