• Increase productivity and profitability through introduction of Pulses and oil seed in Transplanting Aman-Fallow cropping pattern and stability of them

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  • 01/04/2016

This BSc. thesis was completed by Most. Arifa Sultana Mukti at the Department of Botany of the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.



Pulses like lentil, chickpea and grasspea are considered ‘the meat of the poor’, the cheapest source of protein. Mustard is currently the most important oil seed in the country. In the climate change context an increase of farm productivity is needed. One option is to intensify the cropping pattern by introducing pulses and oil seeds on fallows.

The objective of this study was to identify the most productive and profitable pulses and oil seed crops for cultivation on local soil types in the local ecosystem under rainfed.

This experiment was conducted on farmers’ fields in SAF-BIN project locations in the upazillas  Baraigram (Natore district), Paba (Rajshahi district) and Patnitala (Naogaon district), Bangladesh. Five crops were compared: three pulses T1: grass pea (variety BARI khesari-2); T2: chickpea (variety: BARI chola-6); T3: lentil (variety: BARI mosur-3) and two oil seeds T4: linseed (variety Nila) and T5: mustard (variety: BARI sarisa-7). The treatments were arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replications.  Data on yield (t/ha) and market value (in BDT for t/ha) was collected and analyzed.

The ranges for yield and market value were extensive across locations. Grass pea was most productive in Baraigram (4.64t/ha). Lentils produced equally in Paba and Baraigram (1.6t/ha). Chickpea was most productive in Paba (1.2 t/ha). The highest production of mustard was recorded in Patnitala (1.74 t/ha). Linseed production was highest in Baraigram (0.9t/ha). The market values ranged remarkably for each crop in each region. Market value was highest for grass pea in Paba (104000 BDT); lentils in Paba and Baraigram (164000 BDT); chickpea in Paba (59000 BDT); mustard in Patnitala (104000 BDT) and linseed in Baraigram (71000BDT). Highest sale revenues were achieved in Baraigram by grass pea and linseed, in Paba by lentils and chickpeas and in Patnitala by mustard.

It can be concluded that both productivity and profitability of the crops tested depend very much on location. Suitable crops for Paba are lentils and chickpeas; for Baraigram grasspea, lentils and linseed and for Patnitala mustard.