• Dashparni Ark - SAF-BIN Good Agricultural Practice

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  • 01/04/2016

Dashparni Ark is an organic pest repellent applied to control harmful insects and pests. I contains bitter and pungent leaves according to local availability, cow urine, cow dung and water.


Collect any 10 leave of plants that a bitter and pungent charactaristic and are available locally e.g. 5kg Neem, 2kg Papaya, 2kg custard apple, 2kg bitter gourd, 2kg castor, 2kg marigold, 2kg guava, 2kg china rose, 2kg Devil's Trumpet, 2kg Indian oleander, 2kg pink morning glory, 2kg Indian glory beech, 2kg Calotropis /Milk weed. Grind the leaves nicely and mix them with 10l cow urine, 2kg cow dung and 20l water in an earthen pot. The pot needs to be covered with a clean, dry cotton cloth for 15 to 20 days. Stir the solution 2 times/day (morning and evening hours) in clock wise direction to allow the ingredients to mix evenly.


12l Dashparni Ark are mixed into 150l of water and applied to 1ha of any crop every 15 to 20 days.


 This practice was reported to the SAF-BIN team by farmer Kanei Patel of Bagrohi village in Sagar district (Madhya Pradesh, India).