• Machli Khad - SAF-BIN Good Agricultural Practice

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  • 01/04/2016

Fish tonic is used to increase soil fertility and balance nutrient deficiency. It has been one of the most populat organic practiced during the SAF-BIN project and was used with a variety of crop types.


Take 500g fish waste, 500g old jaggery and 1l water. Mix all ingredients properly in an earthen pot. Cover th pot tightly with a clean cotton cloth.  The solution needs to be stirred 2 times/day (morning and evening hours) in clock wise direction to be mixed evenly. After 15 days, it will become a dark, thick solution which is ready to be use.


It is advisable to apply 100ml fish tonic/15l water and spray every 10 - 15 days for best result.

The documentation of this practice was assisted by farmer Gulab Singh Saiyam of Katigahan village in Mandla district (Madhya Pradesh, India)