There is a famous saying “Time is money!”. This is simple yet thoughtful statement which suggests that an initiative that is quick and at the same time superior in quality can bring great profits, while slower-moving enterprise will suffer. Related to the above saying, some interesting stories regarding value chain activities are coming from the community of Dhobadi, Nawalparasi, Nepal.

One of the SAFBIN group has been identified with the practice of including one or more activity of cleaning, grading and sorting of cucumber just before selling to the traders of nearby cities (some wholesalers of Butwal and Narayanghat). The activity of a cleaning, grading and sorting and packaging in crate of their product may have a low cost, but the activity adds much of the value to the end. Due to this added activity they getting higher price for larger and clean cucumber as compared to smaller and low grade cucumber.

Previously the price of Cucumber was highly volatile and mostly been fixed by the traders. But now, the farmers of the group have been able to bargain as per the quality of cucumber the have produced. We can say that the bargaining power of farmers have been increased. In daily basis 300 kg to 320 Kg of cucumber have been marketed by the group in average price of Rs 80 per Kg from their field.

In this regards, SAFBIN has been involved in facilitating the group for convergence for better access to production technology by farmers. The commercial vegetable Plastic tunnel and mulching plastic for off season production of Cucumber have been accessed from Local government. Not only with the support of Inputs, the group have received support of irrigation-boring and maintenance of irrigation channel.