Farmers add value to Date Palm fruit: sell superior quality Jaggary for higher Prices

Date Sap or Khejur Ras, is a sweet sap extracted from the Date Palm tree in many villages of Bangladesh during the winter season which is also symbolic and synonymous to Bangladeshi winters.

Date sap contains high natural sugar. There are other popular food that are also made from Date sap like date Jaggery or Palm sugar, pitha etc.

Baraigram is famous for date Jaggery. Farmers harvest it early in the morning from the sap of date palm trees. The sap is collected in an earthen pot in a special process. Then it is heated for hours to make it denser. The hot thick liquid is then poured into small earthen pots for cooling. As it cools, it turns solid and ready to be sold in the market. The date Jaggery is known for its no added harmful preservatives or extra sugar.

SAFBIN Farmers are selling the pure Jaggary for Tk 100-110 per kg in the market. Whereas, many sellers outside sell adulterated jaggary made with added at tk. 80-85 per kg. So the producers of SAFBIN are earning Tk. 20-30 more for each kg of Jaggery.

SAFBIN in Bangladesh has started the value chain activities to support farmers in processing and selling their surplus at better rates in the market. While nine value chain clusters have been formed in the country, farmers selected 13 female Micro-entrepreneur from their SHFC groups who received seed money to set up Jaggary processing units.