🌱 Safbin Caritas hosts its first South Asia Smallholder Policy Dialogue🌱

As we believe that “small farmers have the potential to change the global agriculture scene,” by bringing together key policymakers and stakeholders in the region, the event tackled policies and practices central to smallholder farming in the context of climate change.

South Asia Small Farmer Policy Dialogue are a series of stakeholder dialogues organized with national and regional experts and leaders around farming research, extension and market in these four implementing countries involved at interfaces of policy and practice. The deliberations would be around SAFBIN outcomes areas including nutrition, climate change, sovereignty, resilience, land tenure, market, partnerships etc.

Goal of the policy dialogues are: Smallholder agenda is mainstreamed in the policies and regional cooperation mechanisms in South Asia

Objectives of the Policy Dialogue: 1. Build a collective appreciation on the vulnerabilities, potentials and need of engagements with smallholders 2. Identify opportunities for mainstreaming smallholder agenda in regional and national policies 3. Influence the policy discourse with right evidence and knowledge on small farming and perspectives of small farmers

Methodology: 1. Organise a series of national and regional level policy dialogues around smallholder farmers 2. Build a collective of stakeholders working on and cooperating on promoting smallholder agenda 3. Publish and disseminates small farmers policy briefs