Pakistan: SAFBIN facilitates access to government services amidst COVID 19 lockdown

SAFBIN in Pakistan is working to support smallholder farmers even during the COVID 19 lockdown. Caritas Pakisatan has converged with the government to help the smallholder farmers access the government hen scheme under their livestock department. As a part of government’s poverty alleviation programme the scheme has a poultry package of 05 egg laying hens and 01 cock. The approved farmers have to deposit PKR 1050 in the government bank to avail subsidised hen scheme.

A total of 24 farmers from four villages 37/DB, 40/DB, 38/DB and 39/DB of Khushab district submitted their forms and 21 farmers (16 male, 05 female) were approved . The distribution took place in which poultry package was delivered to the eligible farmers while maintaining social distancing protocols. The distribution event was held at LIVESTOCK FACILITATION CENTRE, Quaidabad, District Khushab.

This centre is at a distance of 20-25 Kilometres from the above mentioned villages. The farmers were able to easily reach the Facilitation Center as lock down in Pakistan allows farmers and different daily wage workers to move.