SAFBIN Annual Meeting held in Bangkok

The annual meeting of SAFBIN was conducted in Bangkok, Thailand from 6th November to 10th November, 2019 where members from SAFBIN Caritas Organisations of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Asia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan participated. The meeting was hosted and supported by Caritas Asia. The five day meeting focused on the review of the on-going On-Farm Adaptive Research led by the smallholder farmers in the four Caritas countries of South Asia. Planning for the trials for the next winter season was done and monitoring systems finalised to monitor the trials periodically through tools like digital data collection platform, farmer’s diary etc.

Another major agenda of the meeting was to re-frame the Programme LFA and budget according to the funding scenario of the donor organisation. The review meeting successfully concluded with teams giving their plans for the coming six months along with sharing their feedback on the process and topics covered during the five day event.