SAFBIN Baseline Orientation Workshop held in Nepal

SAFBIN organised its first regional workshop on Baseline and Monitoring in Nepal from 6-11 August, 2018. The workshop was organised with the aim of orienting the SAFBIN teams on the baseline and monitoring tools. The orientation will help the teams to conduct Participatory Rural Appraisal and Household Survey in selected villages of Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

The workshop also helped the team members have good understanding of the programme concepts, key performance indicators and targets.

SAFBIN supports the Smallholder farmers to identify problems in their farming system. Research partners should be engaged from this stage onwards to generate good understanding of the programme and the context. It is important to identify at least one or two professors/scientists who can journey with the problem for the next four years. Teams need to ensure that the researchers don’t impose their ideas on the farmers but work with the farmers. Smallholder agenda and their views and options have to be appreciated in the process.

The five day workshop came to a close with the Finalised tools and online version of survey to start the data collection at the village level.