On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June 2020, SAFBIN launched the campaign “BRING HOME A NEW SPECIES” in tune with this year’s theme of Biodiversity. The objective behind the campaign while was to resonate the importance of Biodiversity and at the same time encourage citizens in rural and urban areas to take action in their local space by planting or caring for local species of flora and/or fauna.

Thousands of smallholder farmers, children, youth, senior citizens, and stakeholders took part in the campaign by planting new local species in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Despite the current scenario of COVID19 lockdowns and restrictions, SAFBIN staff especially the Village resource Persons (VRPs) and the District Programme Officers (DPOs) made the campaign successful by supporting the farmers and local people to participate in the campaign. With this, the campaign successfully created 32,233 active biodiversity spots in South Asia.

As part of the campaign, videos and posters were used to create further awareness on Biodiversity. Many farmers also shared their action on the social media handles. The campaign continues as SAFBIN is focusing on integrated Farming System (IFS) approach that protects and promotes local biodiversity. SAFBIN team and farmers will further explore opportunities for collaborations to promote Biodiversity in the programme area.