The COVID-19 pandemic made many of us to re-look our access to food. When many markets, restaurants and business got shut, it was the locally-grown food by the farmers that came to the rescue for many. While during the lockdown many were celebrated as star chefs at home, it was quite apt that we recognize and celebrate our farmers who grew the food for us, and the occasion of World Food Day on October 16,2020, gave us the opportunity to celebrate our Food Heroes.

Our smallholder farmers from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan selected one Food Hero each for producing our food through sustainable diversification of their farms. They grew, produced, harvested and even transported food that helped not just them to be resilient to the changes brought by the pandemic, but ensured easy access to food for many around them.

Meet our Food heroes!

All our Food Heroes had one thing in common: Biodiversity. They successfully diversified their farms by adding different farm components. They grew more vegetables, harvested more fruits and used the small ruminants to support them economically. They were able to maintain theirs and their families nutrition level when many had limited access to markets and food.

To celebrate them, SAFBIN launched a video featuring the Food heroes.