In the framework agreement of SAFBIN is written: “In a wish to have the most possible impact of SAFBIN all parties, all organizations are committed to the regional programme aspect of SAFBIN”. This agreement symbolizes the common commitment that all of the partner have for the SAFBIN programme.

And therefore, on 25th June 2020, the directors from the SAFBIN countries (Caritas Bangladesh, Caritas India, Caritas Nepal and Caritas Pakistan) came together via Skype to reflect on the progress of the programme and to start thinking about the future plans to reach the best possible outcome and impact. Additionally, Caritas Asia announced SAFBIN as the strategic programme of Caritas Asia under the Caritas Asia Strategy. This commitment is the basis of the engagement of the SAFBIN teams in the countries. The meeting started with a prayer. Further, an introduction round to answer the question “What is SAFBIN for you?” took place. The feedback and the impressions of the SAFBIN programme of the directors was very pleasing:

The meeting continued with an programme update and there was also time to reflect the COVID-19 situation of smallholder farmers in South Asia. It was noted that the smallholder farmers in SAFBIN were more resilient to face the COVID situation than others.

Further the way forward was discussed. Due to the success of the programme, the visible results and achievements, it is aimed to expand the programme in other areas too. For this reason, the team will make any efforts to reach that aim (generate funds, ect.), to pass on these positive impacts to humans in other areas too. At the end of the meeting the directors expressed many thanks to the whole SAFBIN team for the results achieved and the commitment for the programme.

The directors showed their commitment for strategic exchanges in the future and therefore online exchange meetings will be implemented on a regularly basis.