We are back again…..

Caritas Austria has launched a preparatory phase to take forward the efforts of SAFBIN project. Dr. Yubak Dhoj G. C., Director General, Department of Agriculture inaugurated the programme. Most Rev. Paul Simick, Fr. K. B. Bogati, Director Caritas Nepal; Mr. Georg Matuschkowitz, Head of International Programmes, Caritas Austria; representatives from FAO, NARC, IAAS and Caritas Internationalis Members in Nepal participated in the session.

During the inaugural address Dr. Yubak Dhoj G. C. appreciated the interventions carried out during the previous project and emphasized on the importance of working with the smallholder farmers as they are adversely affected by the adversities of climate change. He also mentioned that the people of Nepal is apparent victims of climate caused mainly by other countries. He expressed his willingness to collaborate with the ongoing efforts of SAFBIN II.

The achievement of SAFBIN programme in Nepal and overall achievements at the South Asia level was shared with the participants. During the open session, participants shared inputs and suggestions for developing the SAFBIN II. Caritas Austria team shared the roadmap for developing the second

Representatives from Caritas organisations in Austria, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Caritas India are working together to develop a common programme approach.