Capacity Building Training on Integrated Farming System (IFS)

A capacity Building Training on Integrated Farming System (IFS) was held at Bhobanipur village under Baraigram Sub-district, Natore, Bangladesh. The training was facilitated by the Sub- Assistant Agriculture Officer of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Baraigram. The National Coordinator of SAFBIN along with the district level project staffs and 45 Smallholder farmers of that village were present in that program. The participants learnt about different types of IFS models, farm components and their connections. They drew 3 different households in three groups and showed the existing connections among the components. National Coordinator (SAFBIN) later on finds out some of the missing links and some of the areas to be developed. IFS is a crucial part of the on-farm adaptive research, which will be led by the farmers themselves. They will be testing different solutions in trials to identify the best options.