What is SAFBIN?

SAFBIN is a multi-dimensional and multi-sector programme aimed to address the agricultural development challenges of developing and emerging countries.

About Safbin

We are a group of eight national Caritas Organisations of Austria, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Italy, Luxemburg, and Switzerland who have come together to work with the Smallholder farmers of South Asia.

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Crop and livestock cannot be separated for smallholder agriculture in India as crop + livestock...

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Smallholder farmers meet with Research partner to resolve issues observed in Paddy in their farm

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We Work with:

  • Smallholder farmers and their collectives
  • States, governmental entities
  • Intergovernmental organisations
  • Scientists / researchers
  • NGOs at international, regional, local level
  • Civil society and civil society organisations
  • Enterprises, private sector

Where we work

  • Bangladesh: Baraigaon, Tanore, Paba
  • India: Mandla, Sagar, Vidisha
  • Nepal: Nawalparasi, Bardia, Surkhet, Banke
  • Pakistan: Khushab, Sargodha

SAFBIN-The Onward Journey

End hunger, achieve food security & improved nutrition & promote sustainable agriculture.

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Our Partners