Farmers’ Fair and Mass Awareness Program Organized in Bangladesh

SAFBIN in Bangladesh organised Farmers’ fair and mass awareness program from February 18-19, 2020 at Baraigram, February 24-25, 2020 at Tanore and February 25-26 at Paba sub-district. Upazila Chairman, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, district forum members, research partners, scientists, researchers, academics, students, farmers, regional planning and evaluation committee members (RPEC) participated in the programs.

The events aimed at disseminating knowledge and learnings generated from the ongoing On- Farm Adaptive Research (OFAR) using Integrated Farming System approach in the context of climate change and nutritional security. The dissemination will further motivate more farmers to take up similar adaptive measures to increase food and nutritional security.

The event began with welcome and introduction of the participants, objectives sharing of fair, , discussion on climate change issues, effective adaptation measures. Motivational prize/award to the stall displays. This was followed by Cultural events performed by the community like Gombhira (a folk medium dance that communicates social issues). There were awareness raising videos screened by Agricultural Information Services (AIS) of Government of Bangladesh on agricultural and climate change issues, and pest management and water management screened by Bayer crop science.

A total of 12,345 participants (approx.) were present in the farmers fair and mass awareness programs. 42 stalls were displayed in each sub-district. The stalls were set on various themes like climate change, SAFBIN (activities and achievements), Integrated farming system models, bio-pesticides, fish culture, homestead gardening, schools gardening, secure food shops, compost production technique, improved cow shed, use of cow urine, local seeds shop, local fruits, local food shops, organic gardening and stall from government departments, companies and non-governmental organisations.